The Joy Counseling Center
exists to guide the world towards achieving health, hope and happiness.


We envision a world where Go's love is empowered to transform life’s stressors into maximized potential, offering services of Christian Counseling in Orlando and Crystal Lake, IL .


We provide expert Clinical Christian Counseling, Coaching, Consulting and Spiritual Care for individuals, children, couples and families from all backgrounds in a safe space. Our goal is to successfully work with you through a variety of life’s challenges with a whole-person approach. 

 Whether you are coming for yourself or with your family, we have a team of knowledgeable clinicians and practitioners to help you with a variety of concerns ranging from anxiety, Autism & Aspergers, stress, phobias, depression, ADHD, PTSD, to chronic pain, relationship challenges, work issues, personal and autism coaching.

Our values of Christian Love, Compassion, Enthusiasm, Growth, Self-Awareness and Authenticity
are apparent with each client we work with.


Skype and Phone sessions are available.


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