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The Joy Counseling Center has been serving the central Florida and Chicagoland areas since 2015 and 2011 respectively as a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Our mission is to provide the best whole person care available, equipping our clients to find wellness spiritually, emotionally. Our diverse and credentialled staff is equipped to provide the best support to help you reach your goals and find spiritual freedom and release.

The Joy Counseling Center and all counselors at the center provide Pastoral Counseling, and are under the authority of the National Christian Counselor’s Association and individual ordination through COTRI.  We provide Pastoral Faith-based Counseling. 

Dr. Joy I. Cannon, DCC, CTC, CPC

Orlando, FL Office


Dr. Joy Cannon is passionate about seeing the hurting find healing, joy and wholeness, assisting clients to transform out of hurt, habits and hang-ups into a new and abundant life.  She counsels with clients to discover the way God created them, focusing on the gifts He has given them and how they can use them to bring healing.  Healing happens on the way to discovering who you are, how God wants to heal your life and family, relationships and show you how to cope with life’s everyday issues.

Specializing in Cognitive and Creation Therapy with Temperament Pastoral Counseling, Dr. Joy has over thirty years of experience working in the faith-based community, teaching and counseling arena with the privilege of witnessing countless lives, hearts and dreams directly impacted by the healing work of Jesus.  

Dr. Joy received her Doctorate of Christian Counseling (h.c.) from the International Institute of Christian Counseling in Palmetto, Florida. She has been named a Certified Temperament Counselor by the National Christian Counselors Association; as well as a Professional Clinical Member of the N.C.C.A. and a Clinical Pastoral Member of the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling. 


Dr. Joy is available for Skype/FaceTime and/or phone sessions as needed.

Email: drJoy@thejoycounselingcenter.com



Dr. Madison C. Beresford, Ph.D., LPastC, BCPC, NET

Crystal Lake, IL Office

Dr. Madison is passionate about bringing healing, hope and freedom for individuals teens and couples that struggle depression, trauma, anxiety, stress and autism related services. There is a way through your struggle and is eager to help. As an NET practitioner, he is uniquely equipped to address emotional and stressor blocks that would prevent his clients from finding lasting solutions. He uses many techniques and tools, from Neuro Emotional Technique, EMDR, temperament analysis, spiritual care and others to determine the direction and healing plan, offering care that is solution-based not problem-centered.  


Dr. Madison attended IIOCC, acquiring his Ph.D. in Clinical Christian Counseling as well as Colorado Theological Seminary, receiving his M.A. degree in Clinical Pastoral Counseling.  He is N.C.C.A. board certified in Integrated Marriage & Family Therapy as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. He has been named a Professional Clinical Member of the National Christian Counselors Association, NCCA Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor and Neuro Emotional Technique (N.E.T.) Practitioner. 


Dr. Madison is available for Skype and phone sessions as well as in person, in the Crystal Lake, Illinois Christian Counseling office.

eMail: DrMadison@thejoycounselingcenter.com


Contact us now (407) 252-6343

NCCA & COTRI Licensing

The N.C.C.A. has a collection of resources for their counselors to use. In order to be able to use their resources, a counselor needs to be trained and licensed under their accredited organization. Church On The Rock International provides the denominational ministry covering through licensing ministers and leadership oversight.  We at The Joy Counseling Center count it a privilege to be able to bring these invaluable resources to our clients.



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